Imperial Council

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Imperial Council

The Imperial Council is a cabinet of Barons who are delegated the tasks of assisting the Empress in running the government. They are the ones who issue orders to the other branches and to maintain good relations with the Consortium. The Imperial Council is presided by the Crowned Prince or Princess, but if one does not exist then a Regent is appointed by the Empress and it is usually the closest Baron to the her and whom the she can trust to make decisions that she would approve of.

There are five Barons on the Imperial council; one of each Province in the Empire. They are also the representatives of one of the major government positions.

There is also one officer of the Consortium placed in the Imperial Council and he answers and asks question relevant to his position as representing the Consortium.

The Present Barons of the Empire
Baron, Le'Ka Tek Minister of Finance Leka Province
Baron Mee'Ki Noo, Minister of the Interior Shesh Province
Baron Gek'La Nee, Minister of Armed Forces Hela Province
Baron Zekli Tav, Minister of Foreign Relations Xek Province
Baron Tela Ku, Minister of Intelligence Fen Province
Baron Andrew Venit, Consortium Baron N/A

Daily Schedule

The Imperial Council meets everyday to delegate and discuss the policies and functions of each branch and by the end of the day compiles the "Imperial Order" which is submitted to the Empress. She would then read through the document and approve/disapprove of the listings. Once completed it is handed back to the Barons and the list would be carried out in numerical order as the Empress placed it.

An Absolute Government?

In truth, the government that is setup is not really "Legal" under Imperial Law. A past Emperor approved the existence of the Imperial Council by agreeing with one of his barons that allowed them to help make the decisions for him. The Agreement was verbal and so no law exists allowing the Imperial Council, or the Consortium to exist.

That means that the Empress could override any doings of any of the barons at a moment's notice and dissolve the existence of any of those branches.

In actuality, the process would be difficult to do because of the chance of revolt from the people. The Barons respect the wishes of their leader knowing of that problem and she respects their judgement and decision making skills.