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Lysonian Imperial Army

When it comes to defending the sovereign soil of the Empire, that responsibility falls upon the Imperial Army. Formed from the Ancient Lysonian Battle lords, the present day Imperial Army continues in the tradition of the Empire blending the traditional with the modern.

Ancient Lysonian Army

To Be Added

Modern Lysonian Military

Formed out of the remnants of the weak honor guard of the royal family while oppressed by the Communist Golton Commonwealth, the present day Imperial Army was started by High General Julik Tar who also held the tital of elite Battle Lord of the Empire. Forging the war machine out of the captured Golton technology and purchased armament, his innovation and creation has been tested multiple times in the Golton Civil War and proved that it was a viable military.

Army Structure

The Imperial Army is broken in to Legions with a Legion consisting of a set amount of Cohorts. A Cohort is the broken down in to Battalions and then Battalions in to Groups.

Rank Scale (Highest to Lowest)
Rank Paygrade Insignia
High General O-8 Lys-o-8 af.jpg
General O-7 Lys-o-7 af.jpg
Colonel O-6 Lys-o-6 af.jpg
Major O-5 Lys-o-5 af.jpg
Battle Captain O-4 Lys-o-4 af.jpg
Captain O-3 Lys-o-3 af.jpg
Lieutenant O-2 Lys-o-2 af.jpg
2nd Lieutenant O-1 Lys-o-1 af.jpg
Battle Sergeant E-6 Lys-e-6 af.jpg
Sergeant E-5 Lys-e-5 af.jpg
Senior Soldier E-4 Lys-e-4 af.jpg
Soldier 1st Class E-3 Lys-e-3 af.jpg
Soldier 2nd Class E-2 Lys-e-2 af.jpg
Soldier 3rd Class E-1 Lys-e-1 af.jpg

Present Weapons of the Empire

The Imperial Army consists of both purchased and absorbed pieces of equipment from around the world and home.

List of Equipment
Pictures Designation Name Type Count About
Vn-1-medium-tank.png VN-7 Le'kra Medium Tank 76 A Heavy armored tank with a medium cannon.T his tank was mostly used
as a command tank for the smaller and lighter purchased
tanks they could get.
Vn6-light-tank.jpg VN-6 Crescent Light Tank 112 The Crescent is a light tank from the original Golton
Commonwealth army that was appropriated in the
transition of power when the empire took over.
Lp1-scorp.jpg LP-1 Scorpion Medium APC 100 Purchased from U.M.A.C part of the project Freedom initiative
in 305ap, the Medium APC is used for primary transport of soldiers
in the battlefield.
Lp2-condor.jpg LP-2 Condor Transport Chopper 12 Purchased from U.M.A.C part of the project Freedom initiative in 305ap
, the Condor Chopper is a joint used aircraft with the Lysonia Royal Airforce.
Used for moving supplies and equipment around the battlefield.
Ch3-viper.jpg| CH-3 Viper Attack Chopper 34 An attack helicopter used by the Lysonian Army as a close troop support vehicle.