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The Lyson economy is not based on gold like most countries but is based on the diamond. The reason of this is because of the rarity of it and Gold being more common. Because of this the Lyson Empire is a large exporter of precious stones and their culture is famous for their jewelry.

The Lyson Empire has the main export is wood and ores, but with the conversion of Golton mines over to Lyson control has cut down the production by 30%.

Because of the like of elegance and singular beautiful items, the Lyson Empire's major import is usually woods, cloths, metals, and other things used in the manufacture of these things.

With the small famine that has struck the area from the battles fought, the Lyson Empire has been purchasing food to be able to support the population and keep favor with them.

This section of the website lists all the different business that have a website up.

Notable Companies
Tekliv Automotives
Glyph Mining Corporation
Havlin Pharmaceuticals