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The Consortium

The Consortium is the grouping of all the Dukes, Lords, Governors, and Mayors from their cities, counties, and provinces. They come together to discuss, request, and ask for changes of Imperial law. While each Governor, Duke or Mayor are allowed to make laws for their own districts, the Consortium was created to be the group mind of the country to inform, help, and enforce the things of the Imperial Council.

The Consortium is used to be held the first week of every month, but with the size of the present Lysonia, it has become impossible to do that and now they are based in Crystal City and they now elect their own delegates to represent the Governors and Mayors. The Consortium Baron, a person elected from the Consortium to represent the Consortium on the Imperial Council, no longer existed after the creation of the Assembly in the late winter of 306. The title became an elected position between the Consortium and the Assembly and the title was changed to Baron at large.