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Lyson Imperial News
September 23, 316ap




1. Empress to Travel Aboard

In an announcement from the Imperial Council, the Empress Vesha Nek is planning a trip overseas to a tour of undisclosed locations for purposes that the Council has referred to as "improving of national relations". This would be only the third time the Empress has left the country since the founding of the Empire her previous visit being to allies Utania and Zartania in early part of the country's life. Many are speculating on where she is heading and how she plans to get there as the Empress' entourage would be large and security paramount.

Though much of the country has been at peace and the two ethnic groups that make up the majority of the country are quiet, The Empire's relations with other nations like Aethelnia and a few communist countries have not been on the best of terms.

"We will be taking every available security measure possible to protect our empress and those who travel with her." The Security Division of the palace said in a terse statement released to the press.

2. Heat Felt in Capital City.

Ever since the Imperial Council abolished the Assembly after Assembly Members Karl Kevet, Daniel Astel, and Assemblywoman Asha Abar filed AB-315-229 - Abolishment of Sexual Segregation which in essence allowed anyone of a non-heterosexual alignment to hold an office or create a political oriented group, many have wondered what would happen to them as they were arrested and charged with treason.

The LIN was able to discover that court dates have been set for the three, being tried together in the Upper Court as the Imperial Council declined trying them by a royal court. The three will stand before a judge and an arbiter while the attorneys will argue their cases. The court date is set for October 10, 316ap.

3. Edar Kevera and Havlin Found Guilty by Lower Court

Mister Edar Kevara, founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Havlin Pharmaceuticals have been found guilty of violating the Controlled Monopoly Act of 308ap. Lysonian Internal Security, the nation's law enforcement branch announced in their memo that Havlin Pharmaceuticals had been found practicing price gouging on imperial citizens, using substandard components in their medicines, and lewd behavior against the moral code of the empire.

Yesterday, Judge Aba Ebev found Mister Kevara guilty on all counts and declared the company in debt to the empire in the amount of 12 million Royals (6 million crowns) to be paid upon failure of their appeal if filed and Mister Kevara must serve six years in prison. The Controlled Monopoly Act of 308 was passed to allow companies to function as a monopoly if they maintained the highest standard in all their actions as if having competition of their own.

Both Kevara and Havlin Pharmaceuticals has the right to file an appeal in the Upper Court though economic pundits believe that Havlin may just pay the fine and move forward.