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Lyson Imperial News
March 11, 313ap

Since the assassination attempt, Lysonians and Goltons alike have waited breathlessly for the threat of war to either become true or fade as violent rhetoric for an ally. Sephak AFB has been seen going to force alert Delta sealing the base to all unauthorized personnel and higher activity on the air field.

The Minster of the Armed Forces has declared a cessation of leave and recalled all service members that have been out of the military less then five years to active duty. This announcement has made many more sure that war is coming.

After the initial announcement on March 8 and the following silence, the Imperial Council has sent Lord Andrew Venit, the present representative of the Consortium to the Council, with their response to the most recent developments.

Lord Venit, a strong stance to national defense, read off the statement to the Consortium which was also televised to the Assembly:

"The Imperial Council greets the Consortium and the Assembly in solemn duty. Recent world wide news has brought many questions to the proud people of Lysonia and the Council wishes to update and educate.

Information is still be processed by Imperial Intelligence about the state of the illegitimate Fenizic government and the operation spoken of in our last message will be continued with no delay. We wish to recognize the concern posted to our staunch and worthy allies, but also would like to point out that unlike others we will respond to a threat of an ally and avoid the politics that can bind the hands of well-intention.

The 1st Carrier Group, under the command of Sub-Admiral Rikard Clor, has continued to send information from the Feniz seaboard where the fleet has been for the last week after the failed rescue attempt. We do not have any plans of withdrawing this fleet and it will stay on station until the Admiralty has their plan approved by the Empress.

Also, appointments have been scheduled for visiting dignitaries with the Empress herself and though we do not put much hope in this, we will entertain any conversation that might be able to put the Grand Vizier back in control of the government that is his.

The Empress and the Grand Vizier is scheduled to speak later this evening on LysTV to to make a comment on the situation.

Thank you for your time."

With the refusal to withdraw the 1st Carrier Group, which consists of the Caimon Carrier ILS Golton, Heavy Cruiser ILS Falcon, and her escorts ILS Liberty, Freedom, and Anna, has many wondering if an invasion has already begun and is being kept quiet.