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The Lyson Empire's history is quite long, but for the most part obscure. Originally it was thought that the Lyson people migrated from a country many years ago and that country was either, Christiana or Draconia. There was no proof or remnants of their history in any of those countries and so that part of their time has remained a mystery.

The Lyson Empire first came in to existence around Year 20 and was held as a vassal state for many years as the territory exchanged hands. The land of the Lyson was a very small area mostly on the shores of the North Gronkian Sea and only in recent decades, under The Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, did they get more land.

The Lyson territory never existed by name on any known maps, but was a small community of people who had their own "unofficial" ruling family which ruled the territory. This family had been in rule since the founding of the monarchy which is estimated to have happened around year 30.

In the Early October of Y304, the Lyson Empire took advantage of the chaos on the continent and launched their army in to the province of Golton and quickly took key locations in the country. Many of the Communists leaders attempted to flee the country, but were quickly apprehended.

The Lyson announced on October 22, Y304 that the Lyson Empire was a sovereign country whose borders stretched from the North Gronkian Sea, to the borders of P.R.O.G., The Zartanian Empire and Severnaya with stretch of land 50 miles deep in to Severnaya was claimed by the Empress as "Heritage" land.