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Lysonian Imperial News
November 30, 315ap

It has been over a week since the Imperial Council had disbanded the Assembly and the nation held its collective breath. Members of the Consortium have expressed concern of the new added responsibilities their part of the government. The biggest fear among the Lysonian citizens was the fact that the Assembly had been created as a peace offering to the Golton citizens to allow them to have a voice in the government when the country was embroiled in a civil war. The removal of this legislative body could plunge the country back in to the war.

Doctor Habira Omek, a leading lysonian author in cultural psychology begs to differ on the meaning of the Council's recent action. In her interview on the LNN, she made it clear that she believed that the Empire was taking the necessary steps of their culture while still being able to protect the advancements they had made in the culture war.

"You got to see it this way," she said to the commentator. "The Empire is built on a solid principle of leadership and respect. In a way, the Empress is seen by Lysonians as the true leader of the people and her will should be enforced. To have a governmental body, a group of people supposed to take her will in to consideration ordering her to do something, is just heinous. That is especially true to the hardcore Lysonian traditionals."

"The Empire had to act in a way that enforced the sovereignty of her majesty, Empress Nek, and this is the steps they took. Look though, the Imperial Council has not struck down the ruling. There is a very good chance that the government will allow the statute to stand as voted. The three members of the Assembly though will have to be made an example of that no one orders the Empress to do anything."

For all tense and purpose, business has continued in the Empire with only a slightly larger presence of military and police. There is high hopes that the fall out would be no more than a few more busy politicians and quiet rhetoric.