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Lysonian Imperial News
June 18th, 316ap

Havlin Pharmaceuticals recently received a blow when the Court of Justice brought charges against the entity and its founder Mister Edar Kevera. In a recent press release, the Court of Justice released a memorandum that explains that after a yearlong investigation, Havlin Pharmaceuticals was found to have been flagrantly violating the Controlled Monopoly laws instituted early in the summer of 307ap.

As Lysonia does not have many companies nor enough companies in fields to keep monopolies from forming, the Imperial Council had implemented a law that put a declared monopoly under certain provisions making sure that quality and cost did not erode or become inflated.

“The CME308 was created to force companies to act as if competition was still around so that they did not grow complacent or begin to take short cuts with their products.” The memorandum explained. “Havlin was found to have violated the CMA308 in five different places to include undue price increase, failure to meet minimum quality standards, false advertising, kickback system for providers, and other such items.”

The memorandum continues on to explain that Mister Edar Kevera is being charged due to being the Chief Executive Officer and having signed off on decisions that violated the law. Under CMA308 and other applicable fraud statutes, law analysts estimate that if convicted, he could receive up to 30 years in a state prison.