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Lysonian Imperial News
January 7th, 316ap

Troop Numbers on the rise in Feniz

With the announcement of the call for dissolution along with the UNV's plans to assist, the Empire of Lysonia has reacted by strengthening its presence in the Sultanate of Feniz. Sending two thousand more troops from the homeland to their ally, Lysonia has announced its concern that with the collapse of Bowdani, a flood of refugees could create instability in a country that was still recovering from it's own civil war.

"The presence of lysonian and St Samueloan troops are necessary for the stability and safety of our people." Grand Vizier Sheik G'Ensh-Er Pasha stated in a radio address to the people. Since the civil war two years earlier, the oil rich country was still trying to pull itself back together.

The last few weeks of the war, General Ix'Kano Neer'Aga had waged a scorched earth war destroying much of the infrastructure of Feniz, which in turn plunged the nation in to a depression.

"We cannot risk the citizens of Feniz to plunge in to a worse situation with a flood of refugees. The Empire is going to make sure that Fenizians are protected and their rebuilding not put at risk." Baroness Shaela Nee wrote in an open letter. "Though I do have a bit of hope that the UNV will be able to assist Bowdani under the UNVCOCN, their failure in both Juumika and the Feniz Civil War leave a lot of doubt if they can succeed."

Though the Empire has never been a member of the UNV, their observer was present from 305 until 312 was removed in protest of the UNV's attempt to stop the empire from assisting their ally. Since, the empire has not recognized the authority of the UNV nor supported any of their efforts.